The PRINCIPLE jankurtz

What is special about the products from jankurtz? At first glance: They are strikingly inconspicuous. They fit into any interior. They adapt to any environment. Ok, many can do that. Of course, that's not our whole secret either. The success of the company and its collections is based - according to our self-analysis - on an interplay of seemingly contradictory principles that give the products their special charm.

Trust + courage
First principle: continuity. The development of jankurtz products is based on long-standing and consistent relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. The long-term nature of the cooperation creates mutual trust, understanding and intuition for the further and new development of new ideas. A close partnership between supplier and company enables development phases that save time and resources. And quite honestly: those who work together for such a long time understand each other better. This makes the implementation of new ideas much easier.

Longevity + speed
Every product that makes it into the jankurtz programme can be sure of that first. It gets the chance to prove itself for at least three or four years. To become a successful product. Some of them have repaid this with consistently good sales figures. For many bestsellers from the programme, the period of maturity was the basis for their success. Sometimes the trade and customers have to get used to new products and innovations. Some have been in the programme for 20 years. And at the same time, numerous new developments are added to the collection year after year, responding promptly to changing needs and tastes.

Certainty + curiosity
New product development is based on market insights. And the belief in the success of good design. At jankurtz, good design means: it must have what it takes to become a classic, it should be durable, sensible, democratic in the sense of affordable. Admittedly, that doesn't sound easy. But don't worry: we'll get it right. The products don't vie for attention, they subordinate themselves, they fit in everywhere. They don't follow trends. But they set them. To place them on the market, you have to know it well in all its facets. Keeping your eyes and ears open and your nose to the wind is therefore the top priority for all involved. This is the only way to encourage each other to achieve new heights.

Detail + Innovation
It is often not easy to discover what the novelty of a new product is. Sometimes it is a line that has been cut more elegantly, sometimes the material has been improved, sometimes a functionality has been added. All these inconspicuous developments are based on work on the details, which, believe it or not, are often the devil. It's the little things that make the world a better place. In our case, the world of interiors. That is the basis of all innovation. But that doesn't mean that the great brainstorm has no place in the jankurtz programme. You will find some in our catalogues. This is the breeding ground for classics. Admittedly: this is not an invention by jankurtz. It is a modern interpretation of an old German success story that began its triumphal march in the 1920s. Its name: BAUHAUS.


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