A successful company should also assume social responsibility . The label jankurtz and the design publisher of the same name have therefore decided to make a significant contribution to better togetherness with the "Share10" project. The idea: 10 selected products are offered under the motto "Share10", of which 10 percent of the sales price goes to charitable causes. "We have chosen the association Kleine Helden in Munich and want to give it the greatest possible support," says initiator Jan Kurtz, explaining his project. 

Kleine Helden was founded in 2001 on the initiative of paediatric nurses from the Haunersche Kinderklinik in Munich. The aim of the association is to support and accompany families of chronically ill and disabled children. Eight times a year, holidays accompanied by nurses are organised for the families in the idyllic Immengardhof at Lake Chiemsee. The cooperation partner for this programme is the Björn Schulz Foundation based there. 

Donating is so easy

From each product in the "Share10" programme, be it the "Benito" table trestle, the "Jonathan" coat rack, the "Pur" side table, the "Emily" towel rail or another of the six other selected products, 10 percent of the sales price, an average of almost 12.50 euros per product, goes directly and without deductions to the "Kleine Helden" association. Anyone who buys these products is automatically doing something good! For themselves, too, of course 😉 

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