Andrei Munteanu (*1964) was born in Bucharest/Romania and studied physics at Darmstadt Technical University and industrial design in Offenbach and Milan. So design didn't cross his mind at first, he was drawn to the natural sciences. Not a bad prerequisite, because bringing a surprising idea into form often requires a spirit of research in terms of materials and processing. The physicist tries to translate processes in nature into mathematical language and put them into a functioning formula, the designer tries to bring the many and varied demands on the product into a coherent form.

Influenced by the New Wave movement of the 80s, by Japanese architecture and primitive art on the one hand, and by the emphatically theory-observant design studies of the time on the other, he began to create objects that, according to his intention, 'should be an enrichment during their use'. With this concept and his aesthetically purist approach, he knocked down open doors at jankurtz, and has done so several times. You can find his products here.

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